Hunters and Animals

Every September, some people in europe are going to lay down their work, grab their binoculars and guns with telescopic sights and are off for hunting animals in forests. As I accompanied some of them, we had a very nice encounter with a rarely seen animal, the badger. It is not an easy job to do - you don't drive your car in the forest, open the window, aim at a deer, shoot and drive away for dinner. As a hunter you need many more skills, as you can imagine, f.e. patience, steadiness and a good shape. Maybe some of you think you read that before - I think animal photographers and hunters have many similarities... As I carried my 500mm, mounted on a D300s, the hunter carried his Blaser and we both sat on top of a raised hide, climbing down again after 3 hours of waiting and seeing nothing, stiff of sitting still and hungry.