Animal Encounter

Paul Nicklen in his movie „I slipped into the water, terrified of what might happen and I swam up to that leopard seal. My legs were shaking, I had a dry mouth and right away, she dropped the penguin, she came up to me, she opened her mouth and her head‘s twice as big as a grizzly bear. It‘s huge, she took my whole head and camera inside her mouth (…). But then the most amazing thing happened (...) She realized that I was a useless predator in her ocean, probably gotta starve to death. And I think she became quite panicked, so she started to bring me weak penguins, then dead penguins. She showed me how to eat the penguins. She offered me partially consumed penguins. (...) She thought the camera was my mouth, which is every photographers dream. (…)“ See the film 'behind the scenes' of Paul Nicklens adventure  right here! National Geographic featuring Paul Nicklen Encounters with wild animals are always very impressing. You never know  what will happen next. Situations are unpredictable. The risk is always your companion. The farmer David Pole-Evans and his family, owners of Saunders Islands, could not believe the photos and told me the story of a visitor who has played with seal puppies and died because of a sepsis, nobody knew how to treat it (decades before antibiotics).