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Andreas Butz has grown up near the mountains of Appenzell in the east part of Switzerland. He lives on a rarely known peak, the St. Anton, part of the small village Oberegg. With his wife Eve, son Janno, born 2008, son Thilo, born 2010, son Niel, born 2012, some cats and some hens he shares a “mountain cabin”, built in the traditional appenzell way, with a huge garden. As a photographer, he’s very often on the road: canoeing, paragliding, mountain biking, climbing or – due to rougher terrain – with his land rover. You find his work published in different swiss and international magazines, such as wanderlust, annabelle, swiss family, schöner wohnen, appenzeller magazin, on the internet and in several exhibitions.

In 2012 he published four books with photos of different stories and subjects, for example «Appenzellerland», published by herausgeber.ch and Appenzeller Verlag. His agency I M A G E different GmbH offers support and training for professionals in photography, digital publishing and marketing. For his work, he uses Nikon cameras for decades. He started with his fathers F2 and a 135mm. More and more he gets specialized in filming special projects.

He is not very active in providing informations on social media, but uses an instagram account for showcasing photos and short movies > https://www.instagram.com/butz_andreas/

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