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Two friends heading to Rotterdam

  Ernst Bromeis (www.dasblauewunder.ch) is in the water again. You remember?This time he is heading towards Rotterdam. He started his tour on 2 may at lake Toma, the spring of the river Rhine. He will follow the 1230km of water … Continue reading

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When the trees…

  Adrian Bollhalder, lumberjack, cutting trees in Urnäsch, Appenzell Rhode Exterior. Never seen somebody doing this job that professional and with so much dedication. All pictures taken with a Nikon D3s, 8 pictures per second. Gif-Animation by Stefanie Christ, seeallee.ch.

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Fun in the Studio

Every product starts with a good idea. Steff Tobler, founder of wind.ch Teamevents, contacted me and told me about his trailer and all the white space which he wanted to use as a advertising space for his business. It ended … Continue reading

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Roman Signer

A interview for a swiss print magazin and the Alpenmagazin with Roman Signer. He was telling stories of his childhood… amazing man. 73 years old and still as vital as a wasp. I had less than one hour, my PhaseOne … Continue reading

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The colors of the bottle

Andi Loser is climbing the bottletree on St.Anton, Oberegg, Switzerland, for hanging new bottles in all kinds of colors on it. The refresh happens every year, because some of the bottles brake (water/ice) or get damaged because of strong winds. … Continue reading

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The Map is not the Territory

🙁 Well – we all have to admit mistakes sometimes or are disappointed because of nonfulfiled hopes or expectations. Yesterday was one of these days, when a project suddenly changes direction and leaves you standing at the crossing just staring … Continue reading

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Catch the Liquid

uuuuuuu – the Mamyia 645 DF with the digital Schneider Kreuznach lenses works just phenomenal. In this setting I used a 1/1000 at aperture 2.8 – and it’s just sharp in every corner. Which is not really guaranteed at 2.8 … Continue reading

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Hunters and Animals

Every September, some people in europe are going to lay down their work, grab their binoculars and guns with telescopic sights and are off for hunting animals in forests. As I accompanied some of them, we had a very nice … Continue reading

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The Green Monarch

This tree – as gardeners say – is coming late and leaving early. It is called clerk tree, in german ‚Beamtenbaum‘. Another explanation for the name could be that it needs its arms or branches, to lean on. ‚They invite … Continue reading

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During July, I had to produce three stories for the new internet news platform alpenmagazin.org. I realized these videos with Nikon D-SLR cameras, capable of shooting HD-video. My assistant Mira Christ was responsible for cutting, Bertolt Specker used his actors … Continue reading